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  • Innovative Environmental Engineering

Skill and Services

  • Input to EIA’s
  • Waste management (onshore and offshore)
  • Water management
  • Disaster management
  • Emergency planning
  • Business continuity 
  • Environmental equipment – specification, purchase, installation, operation and maintenance
  • Construction planning
  • Site operation procedures
  • Auditing (lead auditor status)
  • General environmental procedures
  • ISO 14001 certification
  • Training
  • Site design
  • Site Management for Environmental issues
  • Chemical handling
  • Fully qualified to input to HAZOP- HAZID & HAZEO’s
  • ENVID organization
  • Pollution control and bioremediation
  • Utility Corridors
  • Site inventories and general innovative environmental solutions
  • Contract reviews

Innovative environmental solutions will save your organisation money and achieve greener objectives, whatever your industry or turnover.

Combining engineering and environmental skills with creative thinking and more than 30 years experience worldwide, IVE helps you increase profitability while reaching your environmental targets.


Case Studies

A proven track record across several industry sectors illustrates how we can help you.

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